The first DLC for Super Mario Odyssey, dubbed Luigi’s Balloon World, is now available to download, Nintendo announced on Thursday.

The new content challenges players to hide and discover balloons around the game’s different kingdoms, with an added online component that will rank players based on how well they hide and find the balloons.

“The key to setting high scores is knowing every nook and cranny of a kingdom’s terrain,” Nintendo said of the DLC. “It’s like a form of objective-based speedrunning.”

According to Nintendo, Luigi’s Balloon World can’t be accessed until a player completes the main story. So, if you’ve been slowly making your way through the game, you now have incentive to finish.

In addition to the new modes, Nintendo is also introducing three new outfits: musician hat and outfit, sunshine shades and outfit, and knight helmet and armor. Just like Luigi’s Balloon World, the new outfits can only be accessed once the main story has been completed.

The last component of the DLC includes Coin and Neon filters in Snapshot Mode, allowing players to get more creative when taking pictures during Mario’s travels.