Super Mario Maker launched today for the Wii U, and there’s already a day one patch checking in at 130 some-odd MB in size. That patch did three things, according to its description.

  • “Create a course” scene: a small element was added.
  • Condition(s) for increasing the amount of useable parts (in the level editor) were added.
  • Various changes meant to improve the gameplay experience.

That second bit? Super Mario Maker unlocks its tools in daily allotments. In order to earn them all you have to work in the course maker for five minutes each day for a nine day period. The notion is that players will learn how to use the tools in front of them properly before earning new ones. This patch changes that.

Super Mario Maker Patch

Play for more than five minutes in the course maker, drop a ton of blocks and the next day’s allotment will arrive early. This continues until you’ve unlocked everything, effectively making it so that if you spend enough time in the course maker on day one, you’ll get all of the game’s creation content.

I actually suggested this is something Nintendo should tweak in my review a week or so ago. Here’s what I said.

Nintendo did this because, and I’m paraphrasing here, they want players to be familiar with the tools they’re given before earning even more tools. That makes sense, to an extent. I just know that by day four or five, I wanted more tools at my disposal. I played the game for several hours during the first day. I would rather have seen the tools unlock after days of play or consecutive hours, whichever came first. If I play for four hours in one day with a set of tools, give me the next. I’m ready for them, clearly.

This patch came sooner than I thought it would, folks, and that’s great news.

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