Super Mario Maker will be available this Friday on the Wii U, and I can’t think of a more exciting product coming from Nintendo this year. This is more than just a “game.” This is every 30-something Nintendo fan’s dream come true.

Who hasn’t dreamed of making their own Mario levels at some point in their gaming career? The choice of not one but four different Mario generations is also just a bit too much to swallow.

Now the big question: Where do we begin? I’ve been doing a little homework looking at classic levels for inspiration, but the Super Mario Maker manual is also a good place to start. Caution, you won’t find any text explaining how to make levels in this 12 MB PDF file, but that’s always been Nintendo’s biggest strength: communicating without words.

Nintendo itself published the manual on its official website, so don’t worry about stealing or anything like that. Give it a download and see if you can manipulate the game beyond what Nintendo suggests when it launches. Don’t copy it verbatim. That’s not what Nintendo wants.

Joey has already reviewed Super Mario Maker, so be sure to read his thoughts. I’ll be playing it for the first time tomorrow. Maybe we’ll share a few levels once we wrap our brains around it.

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