Oh, happiest of happy days. I have long been a fan of GameCenter CX and have enjoyed watching host Arino Shinya suffer through some of the most grueling classics of all time. Now, he must feel the wrath of his own fans in Super Mario Maker.

The popular TV show, one of the few truly quality Japanese TV programs worth your time, has often teamed up with Nintendo for mutually beneficial exposure, and this time around, Nintendo has tapped its fanbase to make disgustingly difficult levels for poor Arino to trial-and-error his way through.

Think those lines around his eyes are just from age? No, Arino has been through some trying ordeals on this show. The ten years it has been on the air has nothing to do with it.

All around, none of these levels rank among the hardest that Super Mario Maker's super creators have come up with. They have to have him succeed on the show at some point. In fact, Arino has overcome much heavier odds than these playing much worse Famicom and Super Famicom games from ages past.

Nice episode, and it's great to see Arino still doing his thing after all these years. Nintendo just needs to push the envelope a little bit harder on the difficulty, really make poor Arino suffer.

If you are as sadistic as me and love watching video games reduce a grown Japanese man to tears, be sure to seek out other episodes from the show as well. You won't find a better program on the air for video gamers in any country. This is the peak, right here.

Be sure to check out Super Mario Maker as well.

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