Nekki in Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is perfect for DLC, folks. Whether it’s of the pay or free variety, Nintnedo’s made a game that welcomes the addition of DLC both in the form of building blocks or additional sprites for play.

Guess what! DLC is coming to Super Mario Maker. It starts with Nekki the Fox. “Nekki the Fox? Who the heck is that?,” you ask? Necky’s the mascot of Famitsu, the weekly Japanese video game magazine.

Twitter user Kyle McLain tweeted out a shot of the issue that reveals Nekki’s upcoming presence.

Pretty neat, if you ask me. Admittedly, I don’t care about Nekki’s presence in Super Mario Maker nearly as much as I care about its implications. Nintendo is clearly open to taking all comers for character DLC, not just those who have amiibo.

More characters, more building blocks, more in-game gizmos. I want all of that, Nintendo!

Super Mario Maker is out today for the Wii U. You can read my review of the game right here.

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