Nintendo has revealed three new ways to buy Super Mario Maker, and one of them is through a Wii U bundle which also includes the sweet 8-bit Mario amiibo. I’ve avoided the other Mario amiibo figures to this point for a pretty simple reason. I think that fireball on the Super Smash Bros. figurine is really cheap looking, and I can’t stand Mario Party’s art style. The 8-bit Mario is clearly the way to go if you love the plumber.

This amiibo also comes in two different colors. One will be the “Classic Colors” version from the NES days, and the other “Modern Colors” is exactly as it sounds, 8-bit Mario rendered in colors that would have been impossible for the NES. That classic color version will be released first, and I am thinking that deserves a spot on my work table.

The Wii U bundle itself comes with the 32GB version of the console, the game, the amiibo, and a sweet looking artbook. Because who doesn’t love the classic Mario art style? Nintendo needs to ditch the family friendly Mario of today and rock it like it’s the 80s all over again.

One of the other two Super Mario Maker versions will include the “Classic Color” amiibo, and the last will be just the basic game. These bundles will coincide with the release of Super Mario Maker on Sept. 11.

The “Modern Color” amiibo will be released in October.