Nintendo’s most recent release on the Wii U is Super Mario Maker. The user-generated Mario level machine has done very well critically, and its presence on video sites has been massive.

Now, the first wave of sales results has been made public by Nintendo. Since launching around September 11 worldwide, Super Mario Maker has sold more than one million units. That number comes from Nintendo’s internal sales results, and it includes bundles, physical sales and digital sales.

Since launch, more than 2.2 million Mario levels have been made, and they’ve been played almost 75 million times. That’s a lot of Mario, folks.

Super Mario Maker has also helped inflate the sales numbers for the Super Mario franchise as a whole. More than 310 million units of Super Mario have been sold since the series debuted back on the NES.

Have you picked up Super Mario Maker? What do you think of it?

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