I sense a new theme of levels coming in Super Mario Maker. Until it’s patched out, users will probably start making levels that require players to make use of this newly found invincibility glitch.

A player named Abdul found the glitch and shared it with the folks at GameXplain. They, in turn, made a video demonstrating what the glitch is and how to make it happen. You’ll find that video at the head of this post.

I assume players have already started making levels that require this glitch in order to win. The GameXplain host does one himself towards the end of the video.

The glitch will likely be gone soon. Nintendo will certainly patch it out. I wonder what will happen to the levels that require it, though. They’ve already been beaten and uploaded by their creators, so once the glitch goes away and they become impossible, what happens next?

I imagine we’ll find out soon enough.

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