When the absolute insanity that is Super Mario Maker hits the Wii U on September 11 of this year, it will  include more levels on the disc than any other console Mario title that’s shipped in the past.

How many? 100, and I bet more than half of those levels are stupid bonkers.

The word comes from Nintendo, but the comparison to other Mario games in the franchise comes from the Wii U subreddit and Redditor Butter_Is_Life.

Holy smokes, 100? Here’s some numbers to put that in perspective; [sic]

  • Super Mario Bros. – 32 levels
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – 90 Levels
  • Super Mario World – 72 Levels (96 Exits)
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – 82 Levels (94 Exits)

That’s a whole lot of content. Granted, some of the levels might only be one or two screens long, but those might even be the most challenging. Like that ridiculous level I played at E3 that tasked me with jumping off a ledge blind over spikes in order to land in the one Mario-sized hole that contained the top of the flag pole. I didn’t succeed.

Here’s looking to more failure with Super Mario Maker later this year! At least 100 levels of it, anyways.