Nintendo’s listened. Five brand new updates are hitting Super Mario Maker on Nov. 4, 2015. They’re coming for free. The company revealed what they’re offering in the video you see above, but we’ll break them down for your digestion here.

First, we have mid-level checkpoints. Just grab an arrow sign from the tool menu, shake it and you’ll get a Checkpoint Flag. This is handy for tougher and longer levels, and gamers have been asking for this constantly. Heads up, you’ll need to clear the level from the Checkpoint before uploading it, not just from the start.

Next, we have status dependent power-ups. This one has sort of miffed me since the game’s launch, so it’s good to see. You can tack a Super Mushroom to a Fire Flower, for instance. If Mario’s small when he hits the block, he gets the Mushroom. If he’s big, he gets the Flower. Like the game should work, right?

The third update brings a more challenging version of the random Gnat Attack mini-game. Shake a Muncher a bunch, tap the giant gnat and you’re off to the weird races.

The fourth update adds the Official Mario Maker tab to the Course World menu. it will feature fresh courses made by Nintendo.

Finally, we have Event Courses. These come from worldwide special events hosted by Nintendo, like the Facebook Hackathon.

Yes, yes, yes, these updates are awesome. Glad to see they’re coming for free, too. What do you think?

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