Super Mario shocked

Following its dismal financial results last quarter, Nintendo said that a focus on digital downloads would help boost sales of its Nintendo 3DS and pull the company out of the red. But if reported eStore prices for New Super Mario Bros. 2 are anything to go by, the Japanese company's virtual store has no chance.

CVG reports that in the U.K., New Super Mario Bros. 2 will cost £39.99 (approx. $63) to download from Nintendo's 3DS eStore. That's £10 (approx. $16) more than the title's retail price tag of £29.99 (approx. $47).

It's not just New Super Mario Bros. 2 that's more expensive on the eStore, either. CVG reports that New Art Academy's £29.99 price tag is £5 (approx. $8) more than its retail price, and the same goes for Freakyforms Deluxe, which will cost £24.99 (approx. $39) on the eStore, versus £19.99 (approx. $31) at your local GAME store.

Sure, the digital download means you get the game instantly (well, after it's downloaded), and you can play it a day early. But if you ask me, that doesn't make the premium price tag worthwhile at all. I'd much prefer a physical copy with physical manuals I can add to my collection, and even trade in for something else when I've completed it.

If anything, the lack of a box, cartridge, and manuals — and the manufacturing costs that go into making those things — should make the digital download cheaper!

I don't understand Nintendo's thinking here. Unless it changes that thinking, its digital focus is almost certainly destined for failure.

What are your thoughts on this?

[via CVG]