A new Mario game is out and the entire world is stoked. Just ask the people who are playing Super Mario 3D World in this new launch trailer from Nintendo UK. They are just thrilled to be playing a Mario game that does not have the word “New” in the title.

I’m excited too. I had been following Super Mario 3D World very closely throughout its development, but Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson’s review was the final push I needed to break my vow of never paying $60 for a video game again. This game just looks like that much fun. I pre-ordered it yesterday.

Along with the new trailer, Nintendo UK also has one final batch of screenshots to show off the various enemies, levels, power ups, and obstacles that will be jumping in Mario’s way. So many classic faces and so many new foes to get to know and smash into the pavement. How exciting!

The Wii U is back in business, and with a handful of quality titles like this under its belt, 2014 could be a very exciting year for Nintendo fans. It’s been a while since the company had me excited for a console line-up, mostly because I did not like the Wii, but just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

Super Mario 3D World launches today for the Wii U.

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