Nintendo sent over a press release this morning adding two screenshots, boxart and the trailer you see above to the docket for their upcoming Mario entry on the Nintendo 3DS.

Go ahead and watch the trailer while being mindful of the nods towards classic Mario elements, mechanics and themes. The flagpoles, the Raccoon Tail and the Tanooki Suit are each tributes to the series' roots.

Here are the two screenshots that accompanied the release.

And now for the game's boxart, of which I'm actually a big fan…

I try hard not to put too much stock and hype into screenshots and trailers. They are pieces of media captured and designed with the intention of highlighting the product's best features, and it's tough to call something "great" just because of these clips.

However, the look, sound and feel of Super Mario 3D Land is reminiscent of so much of what many Nintendo gamers love from the franchise. If the game does live up to the assets preceding it, this may be a potential system seller for the Nintendo 3DS.

And, quite honestly, Nintendo needs that from its upcoming software.

If you have a Nintendo 3DS, will you be snagging Super Mario 3D Land when it releases? Better still, those that haven't purchased the system yet, is this the type of game that may eventually convince you that you should drop the cash for this portable?

Super Mario 3D Land launches on November 13th, 2011.

[Boxart and Screenshots via Press Release, Trailer via]