Enjoy the trailer above and the 29 screenshots below as Nintendo has given gamers another blast of media leading up to the launch of one of the Nintendo 3DS' banner titles for this holiday season, Super Mario 3D Land.

The highlight of the trailer and screens is definitely the Boomerang Mario power-up. This suit has had one minor, unreleased appearance in the Mario universe, and it's one that most gamers have either never heard of or don't remember. Super Mario Advance 4 was slated to have an e-Reader expansion set that delivered Boomerang Mario to gamers. Here's a look at what could have been:

Nintendo EAD, the same Japan-based house that created both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, is the studio behind this new Mario. As has been indicated by preview coverage around the net, and in my own experience, Super Mario 3D Land plays like a blend of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64. There are open environments, side-scrolling sections and tons of retro callbacks abound in almost every level encountered.

For most Nintendo 3DS owners, the news and coming of a new, quality Mario game to the portable is huge. The system currently delivers a less-than-robust catalogue of software, so gamers will definitely welcome quality additions below any banner. The fact that this is a member of the Mario franchise is only a bonus.

Super Mario 3D Land will ship for the 3DS in North America on November 13th. Will you be grabbing this game when it launches?