Remember arcade cabinets? Ever thought it would be cool to own one? How about multiple ones… and they fit on your desk? Step up to the Super Impulse booth at Toy Fair 2018 and you can fulfill this dream.

Super Impulse released a series of miniature arcade cabinets last year that are tiny enough to fit on your desk, yet they contain the complete video games you remember. This year the company is back with three new models that will include Galaga, Frogger, and (my personal favorite) Dig Dug.

These will be available in the fourth quarter of the year, and who doesn’t love the idea of sticking an entire arcade cabinet in a loved one’s stocking over the fireplace?

Everyone has fond memories of toys from their childhood, but either your mom threw them out, or you simply no longer have the room for them. Well, Super Impulse wants to help you relive some of those memories, but in a slightly smaller size.

The World’s Smallest line takes your favorite toys from your childhood and shrinks them down to a fun size, but there’s a twist… they all work. Miss your Lite Bright? Now you can have a tiny one with super small pegs. Wish you still had a can of Lincoln Logs? Why not in a teeny tiny size?

And if you are part of the crowd that loves blind box purchases, check out the World’s Smallest series 2 which will include some of this year’s newest releases.

You can also join in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with World’s Smallest versions of the cars and race tracks released in 1968. Yes, the cars actually roll and it’s all pretty fun to play with without taking up quite as much room.

This line is a ton of fun and perfect for any office desk.

Some other fun items coming from Super Impulse includes old school tops known as Whizzers, Heidi Kenney’s Breakfast Monsters and more.

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