Most 360 owners should have already purchased Chime. The game released almost exactly a year ago for the whopping price of $5. The profits for Chime, and this is why you should have bought it, went to charity. Developer Zoë Mode and publisher OneBigGame made a large chunk of money for both the Starlight and Save the Children foundations. Chime was well received critically, did well for the charities it supports and proved to create a nice fan-base. The game was a complete success.

But those that picked Chime up know that it's more than just a charitible donation. Chime is actually a really good, mesmerizing puzzle game. Players work to arrange irregular shapes into squares and rectangles on a grid. The object of the game is to fill the grid with rectangles, or, as the game calls them, quads. This is all done over a single song. The sound of the music is altered based on the shapes you've placed down on the board. The whole experience is unique every time you play it, and the gameplay is so simple and approachable that Chime is easy to pick up on a complete whim.

We know the trailer above that released with this announcement does little to explain the gameplay of this magic puzzler, so here's one that better demonstrates what, exactly, it is that has us so enthralled.

Super Deluxe Chime is headed to the PSN this spring. With it comes 5 more songs (making for 10 at launch) and a new multiplayer mode. This multiplayer mode has not been elaborated upon yet; all the developers have mentioned is that players will now be able to chime together.

A cheap game for a good cause, there's probably not much else in a gamer's world that can top that combination. Chime Super Deluxe will be available some time this spring, and the developers have promised to explain exactly what else makes it so super deluxe.