Sunset Overdrive is launching next week, and to say that a lot is riding on this game would be a bit of an understatement.

For one, the game has been propped up as one of the big exclusives for the Xbox One ever since the console’s announcement. Microsoft firmly believes this game is good enough to convince you to buy its console rather than its rivals’. If that’s not a lot to live up to, I don’t know what is.

Secondly, this is also the game which is supposed to be a return to form for Ratchet & Clank development studio Insomniac Games. Fans of the studio remember that little misstep with Fuse, the game formerly known as Overstrike, and they are placing their hopes on the company rediscovering its sense of fun character with this bright and cheerful apocalyptic game.

So yes, Sunset Overdrive has many reasons to succeed, and we hope it does. I walked away from it at Tokyo Game Show 2014 with a less than stellar opinion of it, but I believe that was because the demo stuck us only with traditional multiplayer. Insomniac’s vision of an ever evolving open-world is far too ambitious to be tied down by the likes of Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill.

Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on the Xbox One on Oct. 28.

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