Today we have two fresh videos of the very near to release Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive in action. Each video comes in a different flavor: we have a single player focused mission affair above, and some of the multiplayer gameplay in action below.

Both videos come by way of All Games Beta, and they feature some seriously compressed video and audio. Don't assume that the way these videos look and sound on YouTube (horribly, for what it's worth)  will be the same way they look and sound on your home console.

We're still waiting on our copy of the game, so we can't give full impressions yet; however, our own Ron Duwell went hands on with the multiplayer mode directly above at the Tokyo Game Show a month or so ago. He wished he'd played the single player campaign, but his thoughts might give you an inkling of what to expect.

Sunset Overdrive hits the Xbox One on Oct. 28. We'll have more on the game, including our review, as it comes.

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