Well, there’s no getting around it. If you want to play Summon Night 5, you’re going to have to have to pay a pretty penny for it. Don’t blame publisher Gaijinworks though. It was the fans that chose this price after helping to get the word out. The company has announced that it will be publishing the game on the PlayStation Store for the PSP and PS Vita for $30.99 on Dec. 15.

Hey kids, localization ain’t cheap, and Gaijinworks is a small company. It needs to break even somehow, and the franchise’s small following has no problem showing its gratitude for it taking the initiative. Gaijinworks is obviously hoping that a few newcomers will jump aboard as well.

Still, it’s a very big game with a lot of JRPG fun to be had. The genre ages better than most, so you’ll be getting a lot of hours for that $30.99. Here’s Gaijinworks’ official description.

When worlds collide and everything is turned upside-down, a new order be created to keep chaos at bay. Bandai Namco’s Summon Night 5 is the continuing story of that order-keeping society, the Eucross, and the adventures their Summoners have keeping their world and the disparate races from the Otherworlds in balance. Players can choose to experience the story as rookie Summoners Folth or Arca, and one of four possible partners (their “Cross”), giving the game’s dialogue and feel a unique flavor on up to eight different playthroughs.

What players see, and how the characters react depends on what characters are chosen at the beginning of each playthrough. But whatever choices a player makes, they’re in for a charming and sometimes tense Strategy-RPG adventure as they gradually unravel a plot that threatens the balance the Eucross is sworn to protect. The game features beautiful 2D and 3D art with battles presented in user-adjustable isometric perspective, and gorgeous animation that is a hallmark of Bandai Namco productions.

Those who pre-ordered the limited edition physical UMD versions of the game won’t be getting their shipments on Tuesday. Instead, Gaijinworks will be emailing them codes to hold them over while the publisher wraps up its shipping obligations.

Summon Night V will be released for the PSP and PS Vita on Dec. 15.