We've known for a while now that players who buy the Wii U version of Scribblenauts Unlimited will be able to summon several of Nintendo's most classic gaming icons. Now that the game's launch has arrived, Nintendo's put out two separate trailers showing off the summoning of Link, Mario, Ganon, the Master Sword and more.

I totally get that this is just another stab at milking the Nintendo brand and licenses for the simple sake of console exclusivity, but fans of both Scribblenauts and the Nintendo line will absolutely get a kick out of making Link fight Bowser.

If you want Link to wield the Master Sword while riding Yoshi and saving Princess Peach, who am I to say that's unacceptable? I'm no one, friends. No one.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is certainly one of the better games available for Nintendo's Wii U launch day lineup. That doesn't necessarily mean it will rake in the sales, but this fan favorite franchise is almost approaching classic status.

Which Wii U games will you pick up?