The UFC has found the mainstream audience and is soon surpassing the popularity of even the WWE. You'd think a mixed martial arts sport would translate well into a video game. Unfortunately that has not been the case in the past. Long story short UFC games have gone hand in hand with total and utter suckage.   Thankfully this years iteration of UFC undisputed is actually good and it has been the most fun i've had with a fighting game in a while. Gameplay wise UFC Undisputed 2010 is easy to pick up and the game does not require you memorising a 10 button press combo's to set up an arm bar. If you enjoys the occasional ground-and-pound with blood coloring the octagon red, this is the game that will satisfy your summer gaming needs.

I should also mention that the game looks great. Pay attention to the detail of the character models with truly impressive skin textures and realistic blood wrenched cuts and bruises.