Customizing and personalization have become the buzz words of the decade. Apparently it's awesome to be unique and different from the next guy and this is what ModNation Racers is all about. The game let's you customize everything.  You can mod a Wacky Racer of your own creation and race against you buddies online.  The game attempts to fill the Mario Kart slot on the PS3 and an attempt maybe how i'd describe it. In terms of gameplay the game is underwhelming and pales in comparison to the likes of good old Mario Kart. The controls are laggy and the graphics are a bit uneven and in all honesty I must admit that I do not like ModNation Racers. Customizing characters and cars is fun for the first five minutes, but thats is as long as the fun holds up. If your looking for an action Racer to fiddle around with over the summer i recommend checking out Split/Second.