Deadlight is a 2D platformer with a heavy emphasis on physics and shadows. Not unlike LIMBO, the hero casts nothing more than a silhouette set among the horrible world he encompasses. But where the bobble-head child from LIMBO fought every kind of horrific monstrosity known to man, Deadlight's hero has to face…sigh…zombies.

The optimist in me though is telling me that the 2D platformer is the only genre out that hasn't overplayed the zombie motif yet, so Deadlight might just be the game to try before a slew of 2D platforming games starring the copyright-free antagonists invade the marketplace. The original spin on the tired genre, tied to the gorgeous graphics and intense moments, are more than enough to at least warrant a run through of the demo on Xbox Live Arcade.

Deadlight is developed by Tequila Games, and it will be released on August 1st exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade.