Summer Games Done Quick is a wonderful event in which video game speed-runners get together and perform their favorite runs of their favorite games. Everyone crams themselves into a room, gamers play with ultimate precision, everyone cheers and has a good time, and money gets raised for charity.

A wonderful bright spot on the cynical gaming culture.

This year, Summer Games Done Quick raised a record amount of money, pulling in $1.2 million for the charity drive Doctor's Without Borders. This is a leap from the $700,000 raised at last year's event, but a bit of a decline from the $1.5 million it raised at the winter Awesome Games Done Quickly.

Altogether, 120 speed runners performed over the weekend, and 22,000 people donated to the event. You can read each of the runs here, and then easily watch them thanks to Reddit.

And there are still those who say video games bring nothing to the world.