The Suikoden games have weathered the trials of time and survived as one of the most beloved cult franchises in the history of video gaming. It’s just a shame that it is now owned by an infamous gambling and fitness company by the name of Konami.

We all know that Konami has all but abandoned video games for more lucrative businesses, but that won’t stop the die-hards from demanding that their favorite franchise not be swept under the corporate rug and left to rot until the end of time. In a massive organized movement, a group calling itself the Suikoden Revival Movement (Disclaimer… of which I am a member)  bombarded Konami this past weekend using hastag #SuikodenonSteam, demanding and pleading that the series be re-released on the PC platform.

Of course, the JRPG genre has found a nice home on Steam as of late, and these cherished gems would fit right in.

Chances are that the pleas will go unanswered, but hope remains given how several of the games popped up on PlayStation Network just last year. Still, there is no harm in asking.

Suikoden isn’t the only video game franchise that seems destined to be lost with the departure of Konami from the gaming industry. Contra, Castlevania, and many of your old favorites still remain under its large umbrella, and Konami isn’t going to do anything with them unless fans show there is a reason for it. Efforts like this might prove fruitless in the short run, but if it’s the long term, who knows?

And if we need to compromise, Konami, you don’t have to re-release Suikoden IV on Steam. The others will be just fine.