I see how this works! I get it now! Gaming companies are sitting on a treasure trove of classic beloved favorites, but they are only going to release them when people are angry with them to try and ease tensions. A kind of ace-in-the-hole if you will.

Take Konami for example. Long time fans are a little antsy over the rift between it and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, and what happens in the meantime? We get Gradius V available on the PlayStation 3, and suddenly I, myself being a longtime Konami fan, am not so miffed anymore! Genius!

And that’s not the end of this example either. European players have spotted a PEGI rating for the next entry in my beloved JRPG series, Suikoden III, hinting at a long overdue PlayStation 3 re-release. Granted, no ESRB rating has been set for America yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up in the coming weeks.

Congrats to the European region as well, because it is the first time they even get to play Suikoden III as it was never released over there back in the day.

Hey Konami! How about a little Suikoden V and Azure Dreams while you’re feeling generous? That should keep me satisfied while you go off exploring other viable business methods.

Makes me wonder what horrible PR nightmare Square Enix has to do if we want to pry Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VII and VIIIBrave Fencer Musashi, and SaGa Frontier from it. Five games, that must be tantamount to murder or cancelling Final Fantasy forever…