The nail has been put in the coffin on whether or not Batman will appear in Suicide Squad thanks to new videos from the set.

While it was hard to have any doubt left in mind after the Batmobile was spotted on the set of Suicide Squad, for all we knew it could be someone stole it and it was being used as a gag in the film. Well, filming on Tuesday night up in Canada pretty much settled things as the Batman costume was indeed being used in the filming of a sequence. We hesitate to say it’s Ben Affleck in the suit only because it was stunt work and we doubt the film’s insurance company would ever allow him to do this.

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Yeah, there’s no way that’s Affleck on the back of the Joker’s car.

In short, the speculation can end, Batman is most definitely in the film at some point. Seeing as the Joker’s car was first seen in what appears to be a flashback scene, one has to wonder if perhaps this is where Harley gets captured and eventually leads to her joining Task Force X, AKA the Suicide Squad. That’s pure speculation, but you have to wonder.

You also have to wonder if this movie will ever film indoors at this point. It has spent weeks on the streets at this point, and it seems like we’re seeing way more than you normally would of a film this far out from release. At this point they might as well release a trailer.

Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 5, 2016.