Over the weekend, director David Ayer showed off the first Suicide Squad footage during the Warner Bros. panel. Unfortunately, it looked like said footage would only be for the eyes in the illustrious Hall H. Not anymore.

After Ayer hinted the footage wasn’t going to be released by Warner Bros. anytime soon, it looks like the studio had a big change of heart. More than a year before the movie is released, the first Suicide Squad trailer has hit, not only giving us a glimpse at the different members, but Jared Leto’s Joker, too. He’s sinister, demented, and just the right amount of crazy.

It’s hard to judge the movie based on a single trailer, but it’s already coming together quite well. Leto looks and sounds great as the Joker, while Margot Robbie seems perfect as Harley Quinn (though she doesn’t talk too much, so it’s hard to tell). Not all of the Suicide Squad members speak; Deadshot (Will Smith) gets a few lines, as does Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). Otherwise, we get to see Killer Croc, Enchantress, Slipknot, Rick Flagg, and El Diablo.

Amanda Waller also makes an appearance as the orchestrator of it all. She’s the one who pitches the whole Suicide Squad idea, saying that her specialty is manipulating people to do her evil bidding. And if the whole Suicide Squad thing doesn’t work out? She can just blame them, and absolve herself of all responsibility.

We get the briefest of glimpses at Batman, too, riding on top of Joker’s extravagant pink Lambo. Otherwise, the trailer is gritty and grim, which is typical of an Ayer movie. We still don’t know what mission the crew is undertaking, but that will likely be unveiled in due time. Maybe Batman v Superman will allude to hit when it hits early next year.

Suicide Squad is currently set for a Aug 5, 2016 release.