This is suspiciously convenient. Following last night’s official Suicide Squad family photo, a series of set images have hit the Internet, giving us an up-close look at Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, El Diablo and Captain Boomerang. Additionally, we get a quick look at actor Scott Eastwood, who we hadn’t previously seen; rumors claim Eastwood will be playing Steve Trevor, who was Wonder Woman’s love interest in the comics.

There isn’t much to discern from the new photos. If you didn’t like the glam rocker girl look of Harley Quinn in yesterday’s photo, you’re not going to be impressed. The pigtails are certainly appropriate, but Quinn is a lot more punk than she’s been portrayed in other media, so her look is a little difficult to swallow; it’s obvious they’re going for the sex appeal.

Killer Croc pretty much just looks like an orc from LoTR, while El Diablo and Captain Boomerang look like guys you might run into in the seedier parts of town. We also get another decent look at Will Smith’s Deadshot, who isn’t wearing his scope eye—you can see him in his full get-up in the gallery above, however.

Director David Ayer has been pretty active on Twitter as of late, first revealing the Joker, and then revealing the rest of the cast. Because the Joker wasn’t included in the Suicide Squad photo, it appear that he’ll play the main villain role, with the Suicide Squad seemingly tasked with bringing him to justice.


More photos of Harley Quinn, via ET, have surfaced. You can catch them in the gallery above.