Japanese game designer Goichi “Suda 51” Suda hasn’t been in the news very much over the last few years. In fact, the last time we heard from him was way back in 2014 when he announced his PlayStation 4 beat ’em up, Let It Die.

Since the initial reveal, we’ve seen absolutely nothing, until today. Finally. Two years later, here is Let It Die‘s PAX East trailer confirming that not only is the game still in active development, but it is also going to be showing up at a convention this year.

I mean, this isn’t exactly the PlayStation 4’s epic E3 2016 press conference with Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III, and The Last Guardian, but it’s something. Am I right?

Let It Die might seem like a typical free-to-play arena brawler, but that’s not exactly the case. Players actually fight AI bots that mimic the fighting styles of dead players, and when they are killed, their data seeps into the game and becomes an AI in another player’s game. Asynchronous multiplayer s the key here, playing together while you’re not directly playing together.

More on Let It Die when we see it at PAX East in Boston from April 22-24.