Let’s face it: As tech enthusiasts, we sometimes make fun of our often non-techie parents. They use Jitterbugs. They call it “The Facebook.” And they leave embarrassing messages on our walls when they’re there. But once in a while, their lack of techie-ness can actually benefit us.

Take the Pebble, for instance. When the e-ink wrist-worn device landed on Kickstarter last month, it was just a small project inspired by 25-year-old creator Eric Migicovsky’s mom and dad. Migicovsky believes that designing for tech newbies is the key to any gadget’s widespread success. And so he wanted the device — which connects to Androids and iPhones via bluetooth to show texts, email and caller ID — to be so simple, even his parents could use it.

He could be onto something here. Given how “buzzy” wearable tech is, taking a high-trending concept and making it Mom-friendly does sound like a recipe for success. And it has been: The item blasted well past its modest $100,000 goal to nab over $10 million in Kickstarter backing.

It’s a solid idea, made even better by the fact that the watch will be able to directly download apps OTA and install them, so users can enjoy extra features like weather, GPS directions, music control and more.

If you want to get your hands on one though, you’ll have to wait. The device has turned out to be so popular, that it compelled Pebble Technologies to limit its product orders, which have totaled 66,000+ so far at $100 or more each. Those who got their orders in will get their watches in September. Once the Kickstarter orders are complete, the company will sell the gadgets worldwide. There could even be a new color by then. For now, the Pebble only comes in white, red or black, but backers who pledged $125 or more will be able to vote on a new color option.

As for Migicovsky’s mom, she is obviously a fan of the product. She even goes on The Facebook, helping out with social networking for her son’s venture.

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