We still don’t know what Apple’s next iPhone and iPad operating system, presumably called iOS 11, will offer. That won’t stop artists from dreaming up fantastic ideas, though, and the latest iOS 11 concept video imagines features that are actually useful, like support for multiple users on iPads.

There’s also “Siri Assistant” which seems to serve as a Google Now-like feature, providing relevant information like boarding passes, the news, distance to points of interest (like work and home) and more. The iOS 11 concept, created by Jacek Zięba, also imagines support for multiple people in a single FaceTime call — something we hope Apple is actually planning — split screen functionality on the iPhone and even a dark mode.


Will any of this happen? Some of it, like group calls, dark mode (already an option in tvOS for the Apple TV) and group FaceTime calls, seems like features Apple will eventually add. Whether or not we’ll see it in iOS 11 is up for debate. We should get our first peek at Apple’s iOS 11 during WWDC in June, so we’re not too far away. Check out the full concept video below.