Remote lights

I can hear it now: If my father knew that a Wi-Fi remote-controlled light bulb was available, he’d raise his eyebrow and give me that, “Is this really necessary?” kind of look. I suppose not — it’s easy enough to get up and turn on/off a light — but I totally want one anyway.

Everything’s getting networked these days, so why not light bulbs too? Thanks to Greenwave Reality, this particular smart-home element’s a no-brainer. Scary movie making the nerves all jangly? Use the remote to turn on the lights in a room before you enter. Forgot to shut off the bathroom light? Use your smartphone and shut it down. Wanna spook a family member? Go on, let those “ghosts” flicker those bad boys like a supernatural morse code. (It is almost Halloween, after all.)

It’s stupid-simple to set these guys up: All you have to do is connect a little hardware to the wireless router, screw in the bulbs, and Bob’s your uncle. IPV6 makes sure each and every bulb is addressable and controllable. Even better, each bulb also acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, which can vastly extend the network coverage across your house. There’s also a smartphone app that lets you adjust settings, like brightness and timers, and you can even control entire sets of lights with just a single tap.

While nice and even kind of fun, it’s not exactly cheap: The starter kits go for about $200, which covers four bulbs and a “lighting gateway” controller. But after that initial gasp-inducing splurge, additional light bulbs cost $20. Sure, that’s still way, way more than standard light bulbs, but what price can you put on the joy of being able to freak out your loved ones?

[Via Dvice, source Greenwave Reality]