These days, any student in need of cash can make money off their apartment, old gear, even their own plasma. So why not a fast, simple way to earn a few bucks off their time and talent?

That's what a Cleveland State University student named Andrew Brumbaugh did on, a site that hosts all sorts of micro-jobs that people are willing to do for five smackers. The senior, who majors in creative writing, is a featured seller on the site and has sold more than 200 services — mostly writing — since April for a total of over $1,300.

Fiverr users brainstorm whatever they can think of — from recording a song, doing voice-overs, and writing articles to knitting a coffee sleeve, distributing flyers or reTweeting a message — and post it online, then customers peruse the listings and place their orders. Launched last year, the website now boasts about 500,000 or so gigs and has spawned several clone sites, like,,,,, and

Brumbaugh has been so happy with his experience that he's even considering continuing after he graduates, possibly alongside (or even instead of) whatever other career he embarks on.

Are you planning to earn some extra cash while in school? How do you plan to do it? Weigh in below.

[via Fox Channel 8]