Uber is dipping its toes into every aspect of our lives possible. It's not enough to deliver ice cream via drone in Singapore, or to deliver Christmas trees around the holidays. The company now wants to shuttle you right to the big game, the concert, or any other event you have tickets for, right from the the StubHub application.

StubHub on Thursday introduced new iOS and Android apps that allow you to request a ride to your event venue without ever leaving the app. It even has reminders built in, so the app can tell you to request an Uber to the event even if it hadn't crossed your mind first. Once you're ready to go, open up the app, request your ride, and Uber will automatically tell the driver where you're going, alleviating any need for you to try to remember where the stadium or concert venue is first. New users get $20 off their first ride, too.

It's a compelling new option, and just shows that Uber is willing to put its ride service anywhere it can to keep you from hailing a cab or driving yourself. Pretty smart if you ask us. You can grab the new StubHub app by following the links below.