Capcom’s long forgotten ninja Strider Hiryuu returns for an all new adventure from Double Helix, the development team also working on Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. Strange, because that means it has both my favorite and least favorite game of the day.

Which is which? Well, let me put it this way.

Strider HD is awesome. The action is great. The exploration is great. The platforming is great. Even the classic aesthetic look of the character is downright great.

Don’t enter the game expecting to find the same illogical platforming as the original. This all new game seamlessly blends Metroid style exploration with the fast paced action gameplay you could expect from the arcade days.

The two seem to contradict each other because action games require speed to beat and no leisurely wandering around, while Metroid is all about wandering and finding hidden paths. Strider HD‘s balance falls in between, with hidden rooms scattered in every corner of the hallways Hiryuu slices and dices his way through.

During my ten minute demo, which took me through the first stage of the game, I found no less than five power-ups, each of them giving me a new move or skill needed to unlock or find the next skill or beat the boss, which was an amazing throwback to the original.

Combat is quick, responsive, and requires a lot of precise platforming and difficult jumping. Fans of Bionic Commando ReArmed or any of the other great 2D platformers from this era of remakes and revivals will fall right into place, but just be sure to remember to never stop swinging that sword.

Good revivals and bad revivals pop up nearly every week, it seems, and this is one to keep an eye on. It rings close enough to the original classic while still bringing new ideas to the table. Well played, Capcom and Double Helix.

Strider HD will be a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.