Nintendo has a pleasant surprise for fans of its Pushmo and Crashmo puzzle games. An unannounced fourth game in the popular series has just been added to the Nintendo 3DS eShop for free, so fire up your handhelds and be sure to check out Stretchmo!

In an interesting twist, Nintendo has made the game available as a free-to-try title. Seven levels will be available to determine if you like the game, and from there, level packs will be available. The main Mallo's Playtime Plaza quest will set you back $4.99, and three further expansions, Poppy's Sculpture Square, Corin's Fortress of Fun, and Papa Blox's NES Expo will cost $2.99 each.

Or you can pick them all up for $9.99 and save yourself $4.

The series is a fan-favorite and one of the Nintendo 3DS eShop's bright spots thanks to Intelligent System's wonderful charm and mind-bending puzzles. Now that it is free, I highly recommend everyone at least give the basic pack a download and see if it is for them.