Say what you will about Capcom and Street Fighter V, but the most exciting thing about this game to me is the company’s desire to relaunch old and forgotten fighters. Today, we have word of the return of Karin, a character we only used in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Look at how awesome she looked back then. She always reminded me of a red and blonde take on Sakura, at least in art design.

Karin - Street Fighter Alpha 3

Well, she’s back, complete with an exceptional Japanese lady laugh that anime fans will chuckle at as soon as they hear and see her do it. It’s great.

The Capcom-Unity blog details a bit of what this new Karin is all about, including a little tidbit regarding her fighting style.

In Street Fighter V, Karin is a well-rounded character, possessing a wide array of strikes and moves at her disposal for any situation. Utilizing her new dash move allows her to close the distance quickly between her opponents and go in for a quick high-low attack or throw.

I’m into it.

I skipped Street Fighter IV. I played it with friends and such, but I never actually picked it up. Capcom’s collective decision to parade in characters new, classic and forgotten has me eyeballing Street Fighter V pretty hard.

Street Fighter V is set to release for both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms in March of 2016.