Over the weekend, Capcom confirmed the next DLC character would be the lady-ninja Ibuki. However, the company flubbed its scheduling and was unable to put the character out before the end of May, marking it as the first month it has not delivered a character on time.

In a Twitter post, Capcom blamed “unforeseen delays” in regards to releasing the character, and it plans to have her out by the end of June.

Again, before the fans bring out the pitchforks, I’ll remind you that Street Fighter V is a huge undertaking that no company has ever attempted before. I’ve tried to think of a precedent “platform game” that was built to last an entire generation, and Rock Band 2 was all that could come to mind.

There were always destined to be lots of hiccups in the first few months, but if Capcom works them all out in due time, they’ll be but a distant memory once this monster starts running smoothly.

Look forward to Ibuki before the end of June. Street Fighter V is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.