Early adopters of Capcom’s Street Fighter V all across the Internet have reported instances of server issues shortly following the game’s highly anticipated launch. Capcom is betting a lot on Street Fighter V as its premiere eSports title heading into 2016, and the last thing it wants on its hands is a botched launch controversy with a primarily online game.

However, Reddit, Steam, and Twitter have lit up with complaints, and Capcom chimed in to claim that it has found the issue. It will be fixing the problem as quickly as possible, and perhaps it has already even done so.

Gamers are reacting to the news with all the usual kinds of bellyaching, including a 46 percent user review score on Steam. The beta test for Street Fighter V also didn’t go smoothly and progressed slowly throughout delays and other issues holding it back.

Hopefully Capcom can get this under wraps before a foul reputation starts to leak out. Nobody wants this for Street Fighter.

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