Capcom has announced in its most recent financial reports that Street Fighter V has sold a grand total of 1.4 million copies across the world. The figure covers both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the fighting game.

In the financial report, Capcom states that it had hoped to sell 2 million copies before the end of the financial year, and even though it failed to do so, it claims Street Fighter V "maintained steady sales mainly overseas." Early reviews that mentioned server problems, rage quitters, and the lack of offline options no doubt held the product back from selling as many copies as it could.

Capcom has since addressed many of the issues, and more offline modes are currently on the way. Downloadable characters have also begun to trickle out slowly, keeping up with Capcom's intentions to create Street Fighter V as a gaming platform in and of itself rather than just a one-off release.

It was a rocky start, but I maintain that if Capcom can continue to make adjustments, these first few months will barely register as a memory once the game hits its full potential.