I hope you like Street Fighter IV, because you’re going to be playing it for at least one more year. Capcom let slip this weekend through a Capcom Unity post that its sequel, Street Fighter V, will be released in the Spring 2016.

The initial post, which has since been deleted, read :”Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC next Spring.” Capcom initially remained silent on the issue, but once word started spreading, it issued a statement to Polygon, saying:

“What was listed was just a tentative release time and no official announcements have been made.”

Street Fighter V is, of course, the fifth entry in the world renown fighting game series. It is being powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and it scored some early headlines in its announcement by not snagging up Microsoft’s support. Capcom has chosen to only publish it for the PlayStation 4 and PC, possibly in the Spring of 2016.