Street Fighter V has run the gauntlet over at Digital Foundry, and both versions have a few issues that Capcom will have to address in the coming weeks if they want this "all-in" gamble on a popular franchise to pay off. This includes the server issues that have been creeping up since launch as well.

Now, I'm not one to complain about screen resolutions or frame rates in a video game, but with something like Street Fighter, I can totally understand why serious players would be less than thrilled with any sub-optimal issues. Just like with competitive shooters, any hairline input delay can be the difference between victory and defeat. Here's a rundown what Digital Foundry has to say.

The PlayStation 4 version runs smoother at its visual peak than its PC counterpart, but that's only when it is flipped into offline mode. If you want optimal performance, online matches are not in the cards yet, but you can enjoy the Story Modes for each character at least. These wrap up after a handful of matches, and all can be beaten over a lazy afternoon.

Deeper offline modes will be made available in March. Digital Foundry claims that the difference is "noticeable."

As for the PC version, the findings report that the gameplay will adjust itself to the frame rate, and it is unplayable if you don't optimize the settings for your PC. Capcom wisely put the gameplay over presentation here, meaning that even if you're not looking at the best possible representation of the game, nailing that 60fps is of the utmost importance. If the framerate drops, so does the gameplay speed. Capcom has tied them together, meaning that there will be no frame skips to miss your inputs.

It is a taxing game on hardware, too, and it will take quite a bit of power to run at the best possible performance.

Street Fighter V is currently available for both the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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