Street Fighter Alex

Yoshinori Ono is back to teasing his audience again with a dark horse fighter. Alex, the brute wrestler modeled after Hulk Hogan from Street Fighter III, made a brief appearance in spirit at New York Comic Con 2015 when Ono came on stage and teased fans with hints of his grand return in Street Fighter V.

Apparently, Alex appeared somewhere on Capcom's stage at the convention, because, through a translator, Ono tried to bring everyone's attention to it by saying, "I wondered if you guys noticed that Alex is standing in the background?" The crowd cheered but was soon let down once they walked away without an official confirmation.

"I will do what I can to [expand his appearance in the game]"

D'oh! At least Alex is in the running for that last spot reserved for a veteran. As it stands now, 14 of the 16 characters that will be in the initial roster have been confirmed, and the final two are reserved for a new character and a veteran character. Currently, three characters have been rumored to fill the last veteran spot: Alex and Urien were "confirmed" by sources at Siliconera, and Ono himself teased "a Brazilian character" that many naturally assumed would be Blanka.

Last week, Capcom confirmed that Laura would be one of the new characters, herself being a Brazilian character. That doesn't account for all the Blanka decals in Ono's video, though.

What is most likely going to happen is Capcom will release whatever character doesn't make initial cut through DLC. All characters will be free and unlockable through playing, or they can be purchased straight up upon release.

Street Fighter V will launch in March 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. A beta is scheduled to begin on Oct. 22 to test cross-platform play.