Capcom is offering several options depending on how and where you want to pre-order Street Fighter V. Naturally, in modern day gaming lingo, this means depending on the retailer you choose, you’ll be granted a single costume for your efforts.

Ordering from GameStop lands you a grizzled Ryu, who looks like he’s been training in the mountains for the last six months and forgot a razor. Amazon has old man M. Bison in a battle getup as well, but I’m no too impressed with him. Chun-Li’s revealing suit she gets when you pre-order from the PlayStation Store or any PC digital outlet is okay, and is probably the one I’ll end up getting stuck with.

If I had to choose one I liked the best, it is the one that I have the least possible chance of getting being stuck out here in Japan. Best Buy has the best option which is Cammy in a pretty cool battle costume, but if can’t tell by my lack of enthusiasm, it’s hard to get excited over pre-order bonuses anymore. Not that this is as horrible as the Deus Ex pre-order fiasco, but still… come on, guys.

Street Fighter V launches in March 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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