Street Fighter V

Capcom unveiled not even two weeks ago that Street Fighter V is in the works for PlayStation 4 and PC, and that players on the two platforms will be able to play the game with each other.

Part of making this work is working in an environment suited to both platforms. To that end, Capcom and Epic have announced that Street Fighter V will be built in Unreal Engine 4.

"Our goal with the next generation of Street Fighter is to take our beloved fighting game franchise and bring it to our fans in the best way possible," said Street Fighter producer Bochan Kim in a press release.

Street Fighter IV used a custom built graphics engine, and Capcom games in recent years have typically been built in their MT Framework engine, and new games (such as deep down) are being built in Capcom's Panta Rhei engine, so it's a surprise to see the Japanese developer and publisher announce that it'll be licensing the engine this time around. That cross-platform play is likely the determining factor. An engine that will allow the team to develop for two platforms simultaneously without having to iterate on new software and a new set of tools will likely speed up the work the team has to do to get the two versions in sync.

"I have been a very loyal fan of this historic franchise since the debut of the first Street Fighter in 1987. This opportunity to help the development team using Unreal Engine 4 for the new title is a great honor for Epic, and I couldn't be more proud," said Taka Kawasaki, Territory Manager of Epic Games Japan. "We know that the expectation level of fans is extremely high, so the support staff of both Epic Japan and Epic HQ have been providing dedicated support to help the team realize the very best performance from Unreal Engine 4 and deliver the highest quality experience to players."

This is the second Japanese fighting game to pick up the Unreal Engine. As Polygon notes, Tekken 7 will also run on Unreal.