Street Fighter V is alive and is the real deal. I’m not too experienced on the fighting game scene, so bare with me for my casual approach on the matter. I went 1-3 against a gentleman who knew what he was doing, so I could be proud with that victory, at least.

That sole victory came with Rashid, the recently announced Middle Eastern fighter who controls the power of the wind. I thought he looked like a lot of fun to take into a fight, and I was right. He’s very smooth, with confusing, acrobatic flips and attacks that seamlessly and effortlessly glide into the next. He’s easily my favorite of the characters I controlled, and he seems built on the style of play I like.

I also went hands on with the new Ken, who plays like Ken in every other Street Fighter game. Nice and old school, don’t let the new threads and hair style fool you. Other than Ken, it was all newcomers or forgotten faces for me. Charlie Nash was a lot of fun, and I think he’ll be replacing Guile in this game, but I’m not too big on Rainbow Mika.

Grapple and throw mechanics are not my thing, and that’s what she does best.

Speaking of which, I closed out fighting with Necali when my last session came to an end. The Capcom rep cut us off mid-fight, but that’s fine. I wasn’t that into him anyway.

As for the actual game itself, it’s Street Fighter, so you know what you’re getting. Rashid is a ton of fun to use, so he’ll make a nice new addition to the roster. The rest of the line-up is fine, judging from who my opponent and I played as, and on top of the new graphics and remaining surprise characters, it should be yet another brilliant game in the series.

You already know if you’re going to buy this game or not, though, so why are you asking me?