F.A.N.G. is one of the newcomers to the Street Fighter V universe, making his debut in the upcoming fifth game. Whether it is his unpredictable, awkward movements or his ability to attack at varying speeds without warning, players will have to see through his deceptions if they want to take him down.

He’s also a solid ranged fighter, able to extend his sleeves to lengths comparable to Street Fighter’s zoning master Dhalsim. His unblockable poison projectile doesn’t sound very fun either.

F.A.N.G. is one of the main villains of the game, working for the Shadaloo terrorist organization as M. Bison’s second-in-command and top assassin. Despite his high rank, though, I’m getting a sense of delusions of grandeur from this guy stemming from the background of his stage. If you look carefully, you’ll see enormous busts of other all-time greats like Vega, Balrog, and M. Bison himself, and right beside them… is F.A.N.G.

Seriously dude, you haven’t been around long enough to be put on any Street Fighter Mt. Rushmore. Proving himself as a competent villain and more than just a comic relief will probably play a huge part in his character’s motivations.

Street Fighter V launches on the PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 16.

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