Street Fighter is really digging back into the era of its inception with this Zangief costume. Is that outfit some ridiculous late-80s WWF nonsense, or what?

Nothing but love from here, by the way.

Street Fighter V fans have data mined the first batch of alternative costumes, and Capcom’s choices are interesting to say the least. Aside from Zangief doing his darndest to look like the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, R. Mika also turns in a real winner with her flaming-bird getup. I think I saw something like that in my nightmares last night. Yikes!

The rest aren’t as special as our two wrestlers, though. Ken gets a generic jacket and bad-boy, boy-band haircut. Laura puts on an even more revealing outfit that doesn’t look as comfortable as her sporty, green sweatsuit, and Karin, well. Is that even a new costume?

I guess Birdie has a solid new costume too, trying his best to pull off both Steve Harvey and Freddie Mercury if both were a hundred and seventy pounds overweight around the midsection.

These costumes are just downright silly, but we’ve seen weirder from Capcom before. I wouldn’t blame you for picking these up, if just to set up a classic Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan match now Alex is available as well.