You would expect that one-hit KO attack would immediately draw the scorn of fighting game enthusiasts everywhere. However, in the case of Street Fighter V‘s Rainbow Mika, the move is so impossible to pull off that it doesn’t matter. The video above from Khaos Gaming out of PAX shows off why.

Yes, the wrestling move requires that Rainbow Mika give a 16 second speech before pulling it off, meaning that for sixteen seconds, the opposing player can’t throw a single punch. Naturally, in any match, professional or amateur, no such grace period is ever given to an opponent who so obviously announces what they’ll be doing next. She might as well be screaming “Hey, I’m charging up to attack you! Don’t mind me!”

How the move works is that every time the “thwump” happens in her speech, Mika’s attack power is getting a little stronger. At full power, the throw is enough to drain Ryu entirely of his life. Not practical at all, but maybe while an enemy is stunned, Mika’s charge ability can gain a few “thwumps” of power. It seems like it could be useful for a split second of charging here and there.

Street Fighter V launches for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.